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Active Noise Control FAQ

The "FAQ" you are now reading discusses active noise control, a way of using basic physics to control noise and/or vibration.

What is an FAQ, you say?  It's a "Frequently Asked Questions list."  The Internet supports thousands of "newsgroups" - discussion forums covering every imaginable topic. When certain questions tend to get asked over and over again, it's common to assemble the answers into a list for easy reference.

This particular FAQ was written for the newsgroups news:alt.sci.physics.acoustics and news:comp.dsp to serve four purposes:

bulletProvide concise, accurate answers to common questions about active noise control.
bulletDispel popular misconceptions about what active noise control can and cannot do.
bulletRefer readers to web links, technical references, and other sources of information.
bulletStimulate public interest in acoustics.

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